Benefits of hiring professionals for Honey Bee Colony Removal.

Bees play a major role in our environment and our food supply.  They live on nectar and pollen gathered from flowers and trees.  Two thirds our our produce depends on pollination from the honey bee.  “As goes the way of the honeybee, so goes the way of man”-Albert Einstein.   During the springtime, honeybee colonies […]

Benefits of hiring professionals for yellow jacket removal in Sonoma

Things to know about the benefits of hiring professionals for yellow-jacket removal in Sonoma and Marin counties. Yellow Jackets are highly defensive and easily provoked.  They are especially aggressive and defensive when they feel threatened near their nest.  Just walking by can provoke a multiple sting attack by several bees.  Yellow jacket venom can cause […]

Benefits of professional honey bee removal service near me

  Spring Honey Bee Season is Upon Us! Due to the heavy rains this year in California, honey bee season  has been delayed, but is getting ready to explode, with many swarms , soon to be reported. When honey bees swarm, the old queen leaves the original hive with 40-50% of the bees in the […]

The Best Ways to Get Professional Wasp and Hornet Removal

Need to get rid of wasps and hornets? Learn about the best options for professional removal services near your area. Get rid of these pests quickly, safely, and efficiently now! If you’ve noticed an influx of wasps or hornets near your home, chances are you’re looking for a professional removal service in your area to […]

The Benefits of Live Bee Removal and Relocation

Bees are an important part of our ecological system for their pollination abilities, which result in crop and food production. Without honeybees, we would also become extinct from the surface of the planet, but that doesn’t mean we would want them close to our homes, especially when there are children and elders nearby. Bees live […]